10 Red Flags That Should Raise Concerns When Assessing SEO Agencies Part 1

10 Red Flags That Should Raise Concerns When Assessing SEO Agencies Part 1

When any business owner is seeking to employ another company to work for them or carry out some kind of service, it is normal practice to take some time to assess one’s options, and carry out a reasonable level of due diligence.

According to www.slinkydigital.com.au, this should especially be the case when selecting a digital marketing agency, and there are number of reasons for that. The first is that carrying out SEO is a service which differs in several ways to many others, because the actions that the agency will undertake can actually change during the contract due to the nature of search engines and how they often ‘move the goalposts’ with little or no notice.

Another reason is that an SEO campaign is something that doesn’t always have a finite end. For example, if you employ a company to come in and replace the five printers that you have in your offices, once they have replaced them, set them up, and have them working, their job is done.

Compare that to SEO, where a campaign’s length is something that might not be defined due to the many external factors that can affect a website’s rankings.

You may be in an incredibly competitive niche where your competition is working every bit as hard to gain or maintain their rankings as you are. In that case, you may retain your SEO agency’s services for longer, or even on an ongoing basis to ensure your rankings remain high.

Choose Your SEO Agency Wisely

One particularly important thing to consider is how much influence on your business’s performance, an SEO agency may have. If they achieve the desired ranking, this increase in traffic to your website, which leads to more sales and ultimately increased revenue. As such choosing the right SEO agency is essential.

In choosing your SEO agency there will be many positive attributes that you will be looking for it to have. However, just as it important to find positives, it is every bit as crucial that you weed out those agencies that have some characteristics, that you definitely do not want to see.

Bear in mind, no business is perfect, and every business owner is aware that there are parts of businesses that they would love to improve on. However, if an SEO agency you are considering displays more than one of the red flags we have outlined below, then employing them might not be the best move.

Poor Communication

If, during your initial exchanges with an SEO agency, you find their response times poor, the level of communication lacking, and they do not return calls, this does not bode well for when they are working for you.

If they cannot be bothered to effectively communicate with you, before you become their customer, that is unlikely to improve once you have paid them a fee.

A decent SEO agency will respond quickly and give you full answers and explanations to any questions you ask them. They will also be happy to take your calls whenever you need to speak to them directly.

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10 Red Flags That Should Raise Concerns When Assessing SEO Agencies

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