Is Social Media an Essential Part of Digital Marketing?

Is Social Media an Essential Part of Digital Marketing?

In a digital age where every click, like, and share matters, the question arises: Is social media part of digital marketing? We believe at eMarketing Connected, located in the bustling metropolis of Sydney, NSW, Australia, that this is a definite yes. Social media is a game changer, and we have seen it happen firsthand through our long-standing experience in digital marketing.

The Power of Social Media

Social media, once considered simply another means of communication, now represents a dynamic marketplace where companies can converse with their audience. It has nothing to do with just posting pictures or other information; it is about building a digital persona that influences your audience.

Real-Life Example: Let’s consider, for instance, Sarah, a florist from Sydney. He came to us for digital marketing services, and most of his work was referrals. We utilized the attractiveness of such platforms as Instagram and Facebook to form a tailor-made social media plan. 50% online orders of Sarah’s floral creations within months became a hot topic in the town.

Connecting to Other Digital Marketing Strategies

Social media marketing is not in a vacuum. It is a gear in the bigger clockwork of digital marketing tactics such as SEO, Google advertising, and email marketing.

  • SEO and Social Media: SEO can be an under-the-radar participant, climbing up your website’s rating gradually; however when it is accompanied by the quickness of social media attraction and prominence terms – you are a winner for sure.
  • Google Ads and Social Media: The benefit offered by Google Ads is that it positions you at the top of search results, and social media platforms can make this discovery more significant since reaching an audience beyond those searching for a specific keyword becomes possible.
  • Email Marketing and Social Media: While email marketing may sound old-fashioned, it is a very effective strategy. Throw it on social media, and you might ask your audience to sign up for exclusive offers or similar.

Client Testimonial: “The eMarketingConnected way of integrating social media and email marketing transformed our strategy. We grew our email list by 40% in just three months!” – Jason, gym proprietor from Sydney.

Understanding Your Audience

The beauty of social media lies in its ability to slice through audience size. This is not just about age or location; It’s about understanding preferences, actions, and trends. At eMarketing Connected, we use these.

Real-Life Example: Take the case of Emily, who owns a mall in Sydney. With our help, he identified his core audience on social media and customized his content. The result is that? A 60% increase in transactions and a noticeable increase in store visits.

Client Testimonial: “Partnering with eMarketing Connected for our social media marketing has put us on the map in cyberspace. It’s not just about likes and shares; it is genuine interaction that may lead to sales conversion.” – Laura café owner Sydney.

The Bottom Line

We have the skills at eMarketing Connected to formulate strategies that integrate social media with other aspects of digital marketing, thus ensuring your business succeeds in this new world.

Your Digital Journey Awaits

Join the digital path with eMarketing Connected. So, let’s help you utilize the power of social media and incorporate it smoothly into your overarching digital marketing plan. Together, we can unleash the full potential of your brand in the digital world. Contact us today, and together, we will create digital success stories!


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