Planning for a successful integrated digital strategy part 2

Benefits of A Customised Social Media Marketing Strategy Part 1

Whichever business niche, sector, or industry you are in, any marketing campaign which is implemented to increase customers and revenue, needs to have a social media strategy included as part of it.

The reason why, is simply that 3 out of every 4 people use social media, and more important than that, the vast majority actually use and refer to social media before making an online purchase.

Now you may not be a local business where customers actually buy your product or service directly from your website. However, if you want them to take action that may lead to a purchase, such as filling out an online enquiry form, or calling you on the phone, then social media is every bit as relevant and necessary.

Same-Old Social Media

The problem that we see with many of the social media activities by local businesses is that it is often cookie-cutter in that they are doing the exact same things as others in the same niche, and then wondering why they are not seeing any return on their efforts.

This is perhaps a result of social media having such a low barrier to entry, so these business owners think all they need do is create a business page on Facebook, for example, and then start posting about what they do. It is better than doing nothing at all with regards to social media, but that approach is not going to bring many positive results.

What would bring positive results is, instead of doing the same-old social media as everyone else, a business planned, created, and implemented a social media strategy that was distinctive to them.

In other words, a customised social media campaign, where every piece of content created and posted was carefully thought through and implemented for a pre-designated reason.

Now, this is something that takes a high level of expertise to get right, so the sensible approach is to employ the services of a local marketing agency for whom social media campaigns are part and parcel of the services they offer.

The benefits of such a campaign are many, and they are not all to merely increase visitors to your website, important though that is. These benefits impact positively on multiple aspects of your business, and their cumulative effect can bring huge rewards.

You’ll Be Dealing With Experts Who Get Results

This might seem obvious, but if you are going to have a customised social media strategy as part of your marketing, then the odds are that you aren’t going to do it yourself. it will be created by experts within a marketing agency, albeit, they will obviously discuss their plan with you at every stage.

By every stage, we mean that they will explain what they are going to, do it, and then give you reports and feedback on the progress and results which have been achieved. They’ll also be able to quickly adjust any aspect of the campaign if necessary. Meanwhile, you can get on with what you are the expert at, and that is running your business.

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Benefits of A Customised Social Media Marketing Strategy Part 2

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