Planning for a successful integrated digital strategy Part 4

Benefits of A Customised Social Media Marketing Strategy Part 3

Increased Loyalty To, and Awareness Of Your Brand

Your customised social media strategy will have many parts to it, and each of them will add not only to the awareness that people of your brand, but it can also increase the loyalty that those who are existing customers or clients, feel towards it.

In terms of awareness, social media is a really effective way of achieving that. Bear in mind, your campaign is likely to be active in multiple platforms, and there is also the real possibility that a really good post or piece of content is shared, to the point of going viral.

To a local business that might not seem as important as it might to global business, but do not dismiss its impact though. Every one of those shares, even if from someone on the other side of the planet, is a signal to Google that gives your search engine ranking a boost.

As for brand loyalty, the more your customers are exposed to your social media posts, the more they will associate themselves with being one of your customers. Also, your customised campaign will have specific posts that help to cement that loyalty.

This is particularly important now, as the customers who are buying today now include the Millennial generation born between 1980, and 2000. These are known to be especially loyal to companies, businesses, and brands that engage with them on social media.

Enhanced Positioning Within Your Marketplace

Every business wants to be seen as their market leader, be that on a global scale, within a specific nation, or within their local catchment area. Unfortunately, when it comes to being a market leader, as the quote from the film, Highlander states, ‘There can be only one!’.

For you to be seen as that market leader within your local district, town, or city, requires a lot of elements to be in place, but a customised and effective social media campaign can help you to achieve this.

Apart from the obvious revenue-generating ones which are to drive more traffic and increase conversions, many of the other benefits social media brings you, add to the mix.

We’ve already talked about increased brand awareness, but depending on whether you like to be front and centre, social media can also promote you as a thought leader, the go-to expert, the highest-skilled craftsman, or the top professional within your local business sector.

Thanks to their interaction with your social media, in a customer’s mind, why would they now go to any of your competitors, when they can do business with the #1 option, which is you, the market leader?


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