Is Social Media an Essential Part of Digital Marketing?

Is Social Media an Essential Part of Digital Marketing?

In a digital age where every click, like, and share matters, the question arises: Is social media part of digital marketing? We believe at eMarketing Connected, located in the bustling metropolis of Sydney, NSW, Australia, that this is a definite yes. Social media is a game changer, and we have seen it happen firsthand through our long-standing experience in digital marketing.

The Power of Social Media

Social media, once considered simply another means of communication, now represents a dynamic marketplace where companies can converse with their audience. It has nothing to do with just posting pictures or other information; it is about building a digital persona that influences your audience.

Is Continuous Content Creation Necessary?

Is Continuous Content Creation Necessary?

“In a world where digital presence is like the heartbeat of your business, routines aren’t just recommended; they’re essential.” -eMarketing Connected.

Welcome to eMarketing Connected, your Sydney-based destination for digital marketing expertise.

Today, let’s open up a question in every savvy business owner’s mind: “Is there a need for continuity?”

Spoiler alert: it’s a resounding yes. But let’s dig into why.

What Constitutes Content in Digital Marketing?

What Constitutes Content in Digital Marketing?

In the saturated world of Sydney, NSW, where digital products and marketing solutions are tiringly sophisticated, what is content in digital marketing? We are true content design masters at eMarketing Connected. We know how to design content creatively and strategically to not only stimulate but also transform.

The Essence of Digital Content

The media consumed online is derived from an umbrella term for digital content. It’s not only just what you say but how, where, and who you say it. Here’s a quick picture:

  • Blog Posts & Articles: They are the pillars of content marketing. One of the real estate clients we work with, for instance, received a surge of traffic on their website following the optimization of the blogs we did last year.
  • Social Media Posts: Media platforms like Facebook and Instagram do not only act as social network media; They are commercial giants. On the local level, a café in Sydney increased its two times its followers while, as a result, increasing more clients.
  • Videos: Videos from short reels on Instagram to complicated explanatory videos on YouTube, video material is a game-changer. One of the tech startups we consulted with recently enjoyed a 40% surge in engagement due to our video marketing suggestions.
  • Email Campaigns: Leads easily become loyal consumers with customary and individualistic emails. Our crafted email campaigns to one fashion retailer brought a 30% surge in repeat purchases.
  • Infographics & Visual Content: Follow with occasionally a picture (or graph) of more than a thousand words. We assisted one health and wellness brand in designing infographics that became viral, and their brand height increased significantly.

The effect of quality factors.

The worlds of available digital marketing efforts are not merely content that takes up space. It is a strategic tool that can:

  • Enhance SEO: One of the parts of SEO is quality. It allows one to improve the status in the search engines, which again facilitates its high visibility. Some of the Sydney companies that we have helped to rank high on Google using our SEO techniques include.
  • Increase brand awareness: Through repetition and fun, brands can have a story, communicate their values, and create a connection with their fans. It was also at a boutique hotel in Sydney that we saw 50% more bookings when we helped update their brand’s story through content.
  • Stimulates participation and exchange: Interesting content is attention-grabbing and action-provoking. Through our persuasive Google Ads campaigns, we have changed businesses.
  • Relationship Building: Contents are icebreakers. We would like to believe we have played a major role in the development and growth of relationships for businesses in Sydney through social media channels and email marketing.

Crafting Content That Resonates

The secret behind creating quality content for our clients lies mainly in their needs and in our knowledge about audience preferences. Here’s how we do it:

  • Know Your Audience: We dive deep into audience demographics, values, and interests to deliver quality content.
  • Quality over quantity: Instead of poor quality, we are focusing on creating quality content that is both informative and entertaining.
  • SEO-Driven Strategy: Our content is SEO-friendly to attract the appropriate audience at the right place and right time.
  • Tailored Messaging: Whatever the format – be it a Google ad or a social media post, we ensure that the messaging fits the brand personality and expectations of the consumers.


As such, the components of digital marketing are not simply a matter of words and pictures; It is a tool for performance. At eMarketing Connected, we believe that we would not write for you a story that tells your story but, in fact, propels it to better heights. Dig with us on our path to online victory and see the way a professional creates a high-quality story.

The Pros And Cons Of Doing SEO Yourself Vs Using An SEO Agency

The Pros And Cons Of Doing SEO Yourself Vs Using An SEO Agency

For any website to rank well on search engines and thus benefit from the organic traffic that this generates, search engine optimisation (SEO) is essential. Of that fact, most business and website owners are aware. However, what many of them are not so sure of is how they ensure that the necessary SEO is achieved. More specifically, they may have a dilemma in deciding who will carry out the SEO.

Whilst they have several choices, the two main ones which they are likely to be considering are doing the SEO themselves, or hiring an SEO agency to do it. Both of these options have their respective pros and cons, so let us look at them all in the hope that this may help you make this decision if it is one you are currently in the process of weighing up.

Pros Of Doing SEO Yourself

  • Cost Savings: One of the most significant advantages of doing SEO yourself is it will cost you less. By handling SEO on your own, you avoid the cost of hiring an SEO agency or consultant, however, you might wish to consider the opportunity cost of you spending your time on SEO rather than you focusing on other elements of running your business.
  • Control: If you do the SEO yourself, control over the process is entirely in your hands, therefore, you can make whatever changes you wish to your website at any time and without delay. This can be especially important if you own a small business that needs you to make quick adjustments to its website in response to changes in the market.
  • Learning Experience: Doing SEO yourself can be a valuable learning experience, helping you develop new skills and knowledge that you can use to improve your website and your business. Bear in mind, SEO is constantly changing due to updates from Google and other search engines, so be prepared to continually update your knowledge.
Protecting The Intellectual Property Rights Of Your Business

Protecting The Intellectual Property Rights Of Your Business

Many businesses, large and small, are creative; by that, we are not just talking about those in the arts or fashion industries. Anything a company creates, from a product to its logo, can and should be protected, and this is something that your commercial lawyers can advise you on.

The umbrella under which designs, new technology, written material, artwork, branding, and so on can be placed is called intellectual property. Just as with any physical property you own, intellectual property can be stolen, and when that happens you have legal recourse which can be instigated by your commercial lawyer.

You could try to do so yourself, but given the complexities of the law relating to intellectual property, you want the experts to ensure that your rights are adequately protected. Part of those complexities is that different types of intellectual property are protected under different laws, and knowing which is which is something every business owner should know.

Whilst we will not turn anyone into a lawyer with the following information, at least we can better understand which protection you need for each of the three main areas of intellectual property.

Online Business and Legal Landmines

Online Business and Legal Landmines – What to Watch Out For

Doing business online is full of opportunities. Access to a national (or international) audience, the ability to augment your ‘offline’ offering and an efficient way to spend your advertising and marketing dollars are all form ticks in the ‘pros’ column.

But while the cons are limited, there are some essential tips and legal considerations to be aware of when thinking about online business. Knowing them can help you plan properly and hopefully be mindful of any avoidable (but potentially expensive) mistakes that could be made.

Intellectual Property (IP) – Domain Names

In online business, IP is most likely your domain name or web address.’ A few things to note – just because you have registered a business name with a regulator, or even if you have a company, that doesn’t mean you have any ‘right’ to the same web address.

So, if your business is Sunrise Furniture, and your registered company name is the same, nothing stops another company from buying the domain name ‘’. A competitor could even buy the domain name and then redirect anyone who clicked on it to their own website, potentially costing you a customer.

In Australia, domain names are ‘rented’ rather than ‘owned’. That also means you’ll want to keep on top of when any renewals are due to avoid dramas with re-registering a name if it lapses.

7 Customer Refund Rules That Every Business Owner Should Know

7 Customer Refund Rules That Every Business Owner Should Know

Hopefully, if your business is one that occasionally has to refund a customer, you have all the rules related to refunds in place and, therefore, do not require your commercial lawyer to represent you in a court case because a customer is suing you for a refund.

These rules are in place to protect not only customers but also businesses; however, if they are not known or misunderstood, it can cause either party to feel they have been wronged by the other.

We have outlined the basics of each rule below, but please do not consider what we have written as legal text. If you have any queries about refunds and their legal implications, please consult your commercial lawyers.

Rule #1: A customer is not entitled to a replacement or a cash refund simply because they change their mind and no longer want the item they have purchased. You might choose to have an exchange policy, but there is no legal obligation for you to refund because of a change of mind.

Rule #2: When the goods or services that you have sold the customer have a problem, then the customer is entitled either to a replacement or a refund. A replacement can be a like-for-like or an alternative if the customer is happy to accept it.

Planning for a successful integrated digital strategy Part 4

Benefits of A Customised Social Media Marketing Strategy Part 3

Increased Loyalty To, and Awareness Of Your Brand

Your customised social media strategy will have many parts to it, and each of them will add not only to the awareness that people of your brand, but it can also increase the loyalty that those who are existing customers or clients, feel towards it.

In terms of awareness, social media is a really effective way of achieving that. Bear in mind, your campaign is likely to be active in multiple platforms, and there is also the real possibility that a really good post or piece of content is shared, to the point of going viral.

To a local business that might not seem as important as it might to global business, but do not dismiss its impact though. Every one of those shares, even if from someone on the other side of the planet, is a signal to Google that gives your search engine ranking a boost.

As for brand loyalty, the more your customers are exposed to your social media posts, the more they will associate themselves with being one of your customers. Also, your customised campaign will have specific posts that help to cement that loyalty.

This is particularly important now, as the customers who are buying today now include the Millennial generation born between 1980, and 2000. These are known to be especially loyal to companies, businesses, and brands that engage with them on social media.

Planning for a successful integrated digital strategy Part 3

Benefits of A Customised Social Media Marketing Strategy Part 2

Increased Inbound Traffic

Online business has a currency, and that currency is traffic. Usually, the companies that can generate the most traffic to their online properties, such as their websites, are the ones that are the most successful.

With that in mind, your customised social media campaign will be generating currency for your business, not in dollars (that will come), but in terms of traffic. That traffic will be visitors to your website who may have clicked there or searched for it, having been exposed to some of the social media content that has been created as part of the campaign.

Planning for a successful integrated digital strategy part 2

Benefits of A Customised Social Media Marketing Strategy Part 1

Whichever business niche, sector, or industry you are in, any marketing campaign which is implemented to increase customers and revenue, needs to have a social media strategy included as part of it.

The reason why, is simply that 3 out of every 4 people use social media, and more important than that, the vast majority actually use and refer to social media before making an online purchase.

Now you may not be a local business where customers actually buy your product or service directly from your website. However, if you want them to take action that may lead to a purchase, such as filling out an online enquiry form, or calling you on the phone, then social media is every bit as relevant and necessary.

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